on 'nanimachiっ?'


peanuts, chocolate, Pringles, Tully's Coffee ice cream,
alcohol, TKsn, YSHchn, ZN, UCH, Mos chicken, DAIMAJIN,
'kakinotane,' love stories, scandalous love stories, France,
alien-faced people, 'nanimachiっ?' and more ice cream.

After yesterday's design proposal presentations,
my friends and I decided to kick back
a little and lay off some steam.
And what better place to do so
than a night at the ball park.

Our night started by binge buying
ice cream at Tully's, continued into
Yokohama Stadium thru the 3 innings
we were there for, and ended at the
'green Mos Burger' distributing
coasters to whomever ordered shakes.

The sheer excitement of the night
overwhelmed us. The muggy and
tight air surrounding us only made it
easier to shout
to embrace
to vent
and to 'get retarted,' as BEP would say.
The luminating fiasco penetrated
the nightsky like some magnetic field
engulfing each and every particle
of the body, giving every singe cell
a ride of their lifetime while it lasted.

by eclipseted | 2004-07-17 10:27 | [発insights想]
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