on "in"
today: 21571歩
"IN" is a preposition(冠詞 for people who like 日本語)that is often
misused in sentences. It's really too bad, because it's such a
useful word when saying the easiest things ! Here's a few

"Keep in touch, alright ?"

 "hey, what's the in thing this season?"

 "I'm in charge so stick with me"

 "I forgot my wife's D-day, I'm in deep water"
  「そいつはやばい......   そいつはやばいよ」

 "In retrospect, I my nursery years were fabulous"
  「それは 回帰しすぎ。覚えてないし」

 "He recieved the MVP award in vain"

"look at what's in the news"

"Adam arrived just in time"
  「そう、遅れたのは 君だけだもん」

that's it for now!

by eclipseted | 2004-05-08 13:11 | [英english語]
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