on looking at and thru people

I came across quite a bold statement today;

We live in a world today, where anything and
everything we do, directly or indi
rectly, has
some effect on other people. It has been
so since the earliest homosapiens started
communicating with eachother. Today, it's
either what you do has some affect on another,
or vice versa and what another do
es has some
affect on you. It's a world of being offered or
offering. We go about based on these interactions
with different entities, and yes how different
these entities are that y
ou must do business with.
The world as we know it shrinks at a pace so gallactical
that it's often the case you must constantly confirm
the position you and your counterpart stand in ord
to have a decent interaction.
Whether it be a small conversation inside an elevator
suddenly without power supply, or a grand commision
coming to a mutual agreement, allowing broadcasting
of *** for the next three years, these interactions
between different "uses" are what makes the
world go round. In order for the world to go round smoother
and slicker, we must always remind ourselves to look
beyond our differences and to understan
d what we
have in common. That's where this saying,
comes to life. Must you always do this, no, certainly not.
but to go about inching toward an endless horizon
on this world going round smoot
her and smoother,
it certainly is a great advantage for yourself, if you can.

by eclipseted | 2004-10-09 23:08 | [発insights想]
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