do you like yourself?
it's not an easy task answering this.
so let's bring it down a bit.
Do you like your body?

I do.
So many gazillion things go right for this
170cm tall chunk of protein, muscle mass,
gallons of blood and to function well,
I have to appreciate what I have.
but what about the misfits and
malformations? what about the
things that you don't like about your
Let me come up with a few to begin with.

My body is so efficient at storing energy.
It's not funny. Regulation is so slow, that
I sometimes wonder how I stay alive. Since
I run too much on a daily basis, my heartrate
is slow as, well, 90÷2, and my limbs are
always cold. Thus making me dread winter.
Also, I don't think I have enough oxygen
travelling through my blood, onboard the
hemoglobin particles. So I don't think my brain
is getting enough Oxygen to think, and that's
why my wounds take time to heal, and some
leave painful looking scar tissues.

Then, I hate the way my legs are so suspended
outwards at the knees, making them form an "O"
shape. That's due to the bad muscle formation
at the thighs which has the chance to recover
back into its normal position.

Next, I hate the way my leg joints on the side of
my hip bulge outwards. I don't know why this is,
but I can never fit into pants that make me look, well,

Followed up with the bad alignment of the vertebrae
in the upper portion of the spine, making me slouch.

Some drawbacks can be fixed, but when it comes to the
body, nothing seems easy enough.
Accepting faults is the first step, but living with them,
and challenging to realter them are completely different
by eclipseted | 2004-10-03 23:12 | [発insights想]
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